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Accessories and Other Stuff

Arming Coats.
Chaperons and How to Make Them
Cloak Making Guide - Index.
Clothing and Hairstyles of The Bog People
Costuming 101-Making a 14th Century Hood
Cotton in the Middle Ages


Creative Anachronist #54: The Mongols
Hats and Accessories
Impressions From Mongolia
Mongolian Folk Costumes
National Costumes of the M.p.R.
Kerij-e's Ger
Lao Hats



An Annotated Bibliography of Slavic and EE Medievalist Sources
Garb Links from the Russian Knowledge Page
Patterns and Instructions for Medieval Russian Costumes
Rubakha Pattern
Women's Clothing In Kievan Rus



11th C. Linen Shirt from Viborg
Reconstructed 10th C. Danish Apron Dress
The Viking Answer Lady
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor

Western Europe

Early Period to 1100

'T-tunic' - the period way
Angelcynn - Clothing and Appearance of the Anglo-Saxons 600 - 800AD
Carolingian Europe to the First Millenium
Celtic Cultures
Celtic Jewelry & Art - The Celtic Lady
Clothing of the Ancient Celts: A Guide To Celtic Costume
Eachna's Celtic Clothing Index
Early Medieval Irish Clothing and Shoes
Europe: 1000-1200
Garb for a 12th Century Lady
Lothene ExperimentalArcheology Group, 11th C. Scotland


12th and 13th Century Velvet.
12th-13th Century Clothing
13th Century Europe
14th Century Europe
14th & 15th Century Costume Gallery
15th Century Northern Europe
15th Century Southern Europe
15th Century: Burgundian Gothic and Italian Renaissance, 1400-1450
15th Century: Burgundian Gothic and Italian Renaissance, 1450-1499
Age of King Charles-Biblioteque Nationale de France
Black in Period
Drafting a Houppelande Pattern
Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince
Footwear of the Middle Ages
History of Costumes Image Index, pages 3-5
Recreating a 14th Century 10-Gore Dress
Some Clothing of the Middle Ages
Summary of Women's Cotehardies
The Cotehardie Homepage (men's garb)
The Houpelande Homepage (men's garb)


Margo Anderson: One Tough Costumer
Renaissance: The Elizabethan World
The Elizabethan Costuming Page

Articles by Cynthia Virtue
La Couturière Parisienne Costume and Fashion Site

Medieval Women's Headdress and Costume
Medieval & Renaissance Clothing
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
Middle Ages & Renaissance Costume Patterns, Fabric & Sewing Tips
Old Irish Dyes and Dyeing
Recommended Ancient and Medieval Costume Books
Reconstructing History
Richard III Society - 15th Century Life: Codpiece
S. Ivanov's pictures of Russian History
The Cluny Late Medieval & Early Renaissance Tapestries
The Cluny Medieval Art & Jewelry
The Age of King Charles V
The British Museum: Early Medieval Jewelry
The British Museum: Late Medieval Jewelry
THE HANDBOOK OF GERMAN DRESS- Hair & Headdress 1200s-1400s
The Middle Ages -- Clothing
The Shoulderless Cotehardie
Theme: History , Historical figures (1,000 French History Costumes)
Victoria & Albert Museum: Coptic & Medieval Textiles
Viking Tunic Construction
Wardrobe Accounts of Edward IV
WWW Medieval Resources