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   I'm a member of the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), where I am known as Lady Nastasiia Ivanova Medvedeva. The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th-century European history. As a part of that, each member takes on the name and persona of a person who might have lived during that time. (No actual historical figures, please!)

The SCA is divided into kingdoms, and those kingdoms are further subdivided into principalities, baronies, cantons, shires, and even colleges (on college campuses) and strongholds (on military bases). I live in the Shire of Quintavia (Worcester County), in the Kingdom of the East (eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, eastern New York, the New England states, and the maritime provinces of Canada).

I have many interests within the SCA. I like to sew and embroider -- we wear period clothing, which you just can't get at your local Wal-Mart. I'm also interested in heraldry, and I hold the office of Milestone Pursuivant, which is the herald for the Shire of Quintavia. I help people find and document period names and design heraldic devices (coats of arms) after period style. (I must admit, the arms are my favorite part -- I've even learned to draw heraldic animals.)

I'm also planning on learning to do calligraphy and illumination -- the beautiful writing and decoration found in medieval books like The Book of Kells. I want to make a Roll of Arms for the shire, which is a book with pictures of the heraldic devices of the people of Quintavia. I want to include their names and list their achievements, as well. It's an ambitious project, one that I expect to take a couple of years (or more!) and a lot of effort to complete... but the more I plan it, the more I like the idea. An amazing example of a County Book, done by a pair of extraordinarily talented scribes from the Kingdom of Aethelmearc (our neighboring kingdom to the East), can be found by following this link.

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